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The Heier Family (3 Generations)

~ The Heier Family (3 generations) My paternal grandmother's line ~

The family name is thought to be from the Old French eir, meaning heir.

Our line of the Heier's goes back to the year 1840. 

Joseph Heier
b. May 1840 d. February 7th, 1925

 married for unknown years to

Anna Hanish
 b. March 4th, 1841 d. May 18th, 1903

(3rd great-grandparents)
Places lived: Groß Georgsdorf and Niederschwedeldorf,
in Germany.

The Heier family was from the town of Niederschwedeldorf, Germany. After 1945 Niederschwedeldorf, Germany the family home town for generations, became Szalejów Dolny, Poland .

Joseph Heier

b. July 30th, 1867 d. January 11th, 1933

 married for twenty-seven years on October 15th, 1900 at Alt-Wilmsdorf, Preußen, Germany. After 1945, became Stary Wielislaw, Poland to

Maria Hohaus

 b. November 1875 d. August 26th, 1927

(2nd great-grandparents)
Places lived: Niederschwedeldorf, Germany

Marriage Record

Paul Heier
b. 1900 d. 1940?

 married for unknown years to

Ortrud Otto

 b. May 1st 1909 d. January 1989

Places lived: Niederschwedeldorf, Germany

Paul Heier

Happy 107th birthday to my great-grandmother

Ortrud Otto

Ortrud Otto Heier with her son Manfred

My great-grandmother Ortrud is remembered fondly. She was a wonderful wife, mother, and friend. She married her sweetheart, Paul who was a well-respected manager. They had four children, Manfred, Veronika (my granny), Winifred, and Zigfred. All born on December 27th (in different years).

Manfred and Veronika (my granny)

Sadly, in the mid 1940's, their family home was invaded during the night, and they had to leave with whatever they could wear, or carry. It is much like the movie - The Sound of Music. The family was sent to a farm in Western Germany, and later settled in Lippstadt.

Winifred (my great-uncle) and Sven (my dad)

Cousins: Sven (my dad), Jutta (Manfred's daughter) , Diana (my aunt), Christiana (Winifred's daughter), Marion (Manfred's daughter) and Winifred's sons.

Winifred passed away in an automobile accident in the late 1950's, leaving behind his three children. Zigfred, also died young in a drowning accident. Despite the tragedy, Ortrud kept the family in good spirits, and helped her son Manfred, and his wife Ida run their own Market store.

Family owned and run: Ida (my great-aunt, married to Manfred) and Ortrud.

Ortrud passed away in 1989, just shy of her eightieth birthday, when I was almost three years old.  Her memory has lived on through stories told by my grandmother, my mother, and photos graciously shared to my by my dad's cousin.

-Kiki Nakita-

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Janice Webster Brown said...

I notice that your great-grandmother and grandmother both have widow's peaks. Was that passed down to any of the modern generation. A nicely written story. LOVE the photos.

Stacey said...

Neat research and pictures you've shared Kiki.

Happy Thoughts of Home. We are so glad you joined us. :)

Art and Sand said...

Thanks for sharing you sweet family with SYC.

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