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The Thawley Family (9 Generations)

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Today, I wanted to document the findings of the Thawley family. 9 generations of my maternal grandmother's line.

Thawley, (Thorley) is an ancient Norman name meaning 'clearing in a thorn wood' that arrived to England after the Norman conquest of 1066.

Thorley's church, which is dedicated to St James the Great, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, dates from the 13th century. From 1594 to 1610, the rector was Francis Burley, one of the forty-seven translators of the King James Bible, which was first published on May 2nd, 1611.

Our ancestors, the Thawley's attended Thorley Church and had the rector Francis Burley preach to them. By the 1700's they were settled in Staffordshire, a county about two hours north of Herefordshire.

St. James Church, Thorley, Herefordshire

Our line of the Thawley family goes back to the year 1715. Introducing:

William Thawley
b. Abt 1715  d. Unknown

 married for unknown years to

 b. Abt 1720 d. Unknown
(8th great-grandparents)

Places lived: Staffordshire, England

William Thawley
b. 1739  d. Unknown

 married for unknown years on May 20th, 1754 to 

Elizabeth Green
 b. May 21st, 1732  d. Unknown
(7th great-grandparents)

Places lived: Brewood and Walsall, Staffordshire, England

St. Matthews Parish Church, where Elizabeth Green was baptized.

Joseph Thawley
b. 1757 d. Unknown

 married for unknown years on October 3rd, 1779 at St. Mary's Church to 

Margaret Saunders
 b. 1757  d. Unknown
(6th great-grandparents)

Places lived: Walsall, Hints and Weeford Staffordshire, England

James Thawley
b. 1786  d. December, 1863

 married for fifty-one years November 5th, 1812 at Polesworth Parish to

Mary Lunn
 b. 1792 d. March 1871
(5th great-grandparents)

Places lived: Measham, Derbyshire, England
Polesworth, Warwickshire, England
Kingsbury, Staffordshire, England

1841 Census

William Thawley
b. 1814 d. 1863

 married for twenty-eight years on March 2nd, 1835 to 

Susanna Allcot
 b. 1814  d. 1887
(4th great-grandparents)

Places lived: Dosthill, Warwickshire, England
Wilnecote, Warwickshire, England
Tamworth, Staffordshire, England

1851 Census

William Thawley
b. July 1838 d. March 6th, 1918

 married for fifty-one years in April 1867 to 

Mary Ann Pallett
 b. April 1846 d. September 1922
(3rd great-grandparents)

Places lived: Wilnecote, Warwickshire, England
Tamworth, Staffordshire, England
Bolehall and Glascote, Warwickshire, England
Okehampton, Staffordshire, England

Mary Ann Pallett, birth index 1846

Mary Ann Pallett, 1851 Census

Mary Ann Pallett, 1861 Census

William and Mary Thawley, 1871 Census

William and Mary Thawley, 1891 Census

William and Mary Thawley, 1901 Census

William and Mary Thawley, 1911 Census

Arthur Thawley
b. July 19th, 1872  d. 1943

 married for thirty-five years on June 7th, 1897 to 

Ada Elizabeth Walters
 b. October 1876 d. June 1932
(2nd great-grandparents)

Places lived: Tamworth, Staffordshire, England
Wilncote and Castle Liberis, Staffordshire, England

Ada Elizabeth Walters, baptism record, October, 1876

Arthur and Ada Thawley, 1911 Census

William Thawley
b. December 27th, 1905  d. October 7th, 1980

 married for forty-nine years on December 27th, 1930 to 

Daisy Baker
 b. August 22nd, 1911  d. August 11th, 1984

Places lived: Wilnecote, Belgrave, Kettering, Tamworth, Staffordshire, England.

To William, Daisy was the girl-next-door. They attended the same schools, and were married after Daisy graduated high-school. 

William was a creative, and a potter for the Staffordshire Pottery. Daisy was a homemaker, and took in tailoring as an extra income. Together, they had two daughters, my Nana Mabel in 1931, and Barbara in 1934.

 William Thawley, my maternal great-grandfather
Mabel (my maternal Nana), Daisy (my maternal great-grandmother), and my uncle John.

Ernest Thawley (William's brother), Hilda Thawley (Ernest's wife), and William Thawley, my maternal great-grandfather

Mabel Thawley
b. May 27th, 1931  d. August 17th, 2009

 married for fifty-four years on December 12th, 1954 to 

Michael Idris Bird
 b. July 14th, 1934 d. March 2009

Places lived: Tamworth, Staffordshire, England
Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, England

My maternal grandparents, Nana Mabel and Granddad Michael's wedding day.

~ Kiki Nakita ~

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Updated February 2019.

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