Friday, October 18, 2013

Grateful and a Look Back at this Year

Hello lovelies,
we've been in Georgia for about two weeks, and have one more week here until we travel to Topsail, NC. I'm especially looking forward to our next rental; for it's on the island and is a hop skip and a jump from the beach. I do adore that fresh salty beach air, don't you?
It brings me so much gratefulness.
We've been traveling around the US since April for my hubby's job as an art director/graphic designer and it has brought us lots of adventures.
Then we got married while we were in Florida
We've definitely seen a lot of the Americas this year. By the end of the year we will have lived in 5 states, and traveled countless miles. But in hopes we'll be able to settle in North Carolina between Wilmington and Charlotte.
The south @Bethany Shoda Shoda Shoda Shoda Shoda Neighbors

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