Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Be an Encourager

Did you watch the Duggars last night on TLC? I really enjoy watching their show and seeing how their family interacts. They speak kindly of one another, and are encouragers.
President Uchtdorf.
We have a culture obsessed with fame and fortune. The price that some stars pay for that is something they will never be able to get a refund for. That's why some stars, like the Duggars stand the test of time, because people admire or want to be them. That's healthier than exposing yourself for national attention in a way that can never be recovered.
Perhaps your family, or somebody's you know has a critical spirit. Don't feed into it, instead just follow the rule...if you haven't got anything good to say, don't say it at all. Be an encourager, you'll get more respect and create meaningful relationships that matter instead of weary relationships.
The very purpose of spirituality...
Functional families are so important in our lives and to our society. Unfortunately many aren't blessed with a functional family. It's a pattern that can repeat itself if it isn't interrupted, so it's important that we all have a reflective time in our life, to slow down and focus on what matters the most.
you can preach a better sermon
Bless you family and children with heartfelt encouragement, and emulate those who manage to do so. Maybe not all reality TV shows are channel switchers!

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