Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Life Lately And Garden Incidents

Our life has settled down in the past few months. It's been almost a year since we packed up and moved to the South and as much as we loved all the experiences, it's actually nice to be settled in our new home. Our dogs Sophie and Oscar have settled also, and love having a large garden to run around in. But most of the day they take long naps!
We have had our fair share on incidents happen also.
Oh my goodness!
Firstly, our lawn was growing and so we went to go get a mower, Cory started mowing and within a few minutes it just cut out. So the next day he returned it and brought another one home, and it did the exact same thing.
Anyhow, we talked about getting a lawn service, at least until we figure out why were jinxed with mowers, and as we were talking it just so happened that our neighbor behind us was having their lawn cut. We could tell it was a lawn service, so I suggested to my husband we drive to the house behind us to see if they have a number on their truck, they didn't but I managed to talk them into coming by our home and cutting our lawn after they were done at our neighbors.
He came out and quoted us $35 and went ahead. We told him about all the pool wires, but while watching we realized we'd have to cut it ourselves in a few months as the grass was flying everywhere! I wouldn't want to skim that out the pool!
Also, he mowed over all my muscari. I was a little sad as I actually liked the muscari and didn't think to mention not to mow down my flowers. I guess if we want the job done well, we'll have to unjinx ourselves soon!
Luckily I took some photos of my muscari before it got mowed down.

Our precious tulips.

Our second incident coincided with the first. We started having plumbing issues. So Cory tried to Google and problem solve the plumbing issues, and eventually he called in a Benjamin Franklin plumber. The plumber used a camera to travel down our pipes and we were watching in anticipation. It turned out we had roots growing in one of our pipes and a portion of it had to be replaced.
After agreeing with the quote, the plumber called in the city utility department to put flags and spray markers where our electrical lines were. Shortly afterwards the plumber and two helpmates had a digger and started tearing 7 foot down to find the blocked pipe.

Luck has it that we only had to replace a small part of the pipe, but before they left they had a pipe sticking up really high out of our grass. At first I was worried we would forever have a pipe sticking out. Cory asked that they cut it down some, and now it's like a stump. Apparently we'll be able to cut it more in a few months as it settles. Also they covered that whole patch of grass with seed and straw. So it was a good job we got our lawn cut the day before, and it will be interesting watching how it gets cut again in two weeks.
Isn't that crazy. Last month it was us missing our cable man because our cell phone wasn't working. So we had to buy a new cell phone and go almost two weeks without internet and cable. Which wouldn't be a problem if my husband wasn't a graphic designer.
So hopefully we've had our fair share dear Lord, and one day get our garden to look like one my outdoor Pinterest board.
I've been sketching out plans for an arbor. One like this that has clematis climbing on it.
Clematis Climbing an arched gate
I've also dream of a cottage garden with flowers everywhere. This one reminds me of my childhood, growing up in an English country village.
Meandering with highlights of blue
Or a pergola with climbing roses. This would be such a nice place to sit out and read, or sip on iced tea.
Maybe I like the escapism of Pinterest, even when incidents happen I can dream up my dream garden, and share them with others. I've made a start, but I realize it will take time until everything comes together, and I can go outside to smell the roses!

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