Monday, April 28, 2014

Loveliness and Simple Things

I'm so looking forward to summer, and spending more time outside, so this week I decided to put together some floral arrangements and bring the outside in.
I made two arrangements for a reasonable $8.50
The vase my dears is from the dollar store, and the greenery is from my garden. Firstly, I bought a bouquet from Food lion and cut the stems at varying heights to create a naturally collected arrangement. Then I added some teeny white flowers from our garden. One vase is on my bedside the other on the washbasin.
 It's the simple things!
My soul can find no staircase to heaven unless it be through Earth's loveliness - Michelangelo
Painted by Susan Branch.
Talking about loveliness and simple things I had such a wonderful weekend. On Sunday the high was 84 degrees, and the sun beamed in the windows beautifully. I had my usual morning coffee and got ready for church. We have tried many churches since we've met, but I loved the church and service we went to this past weekend. The Pastors message was about God's love and grace. He also talked about how as Christians we have three ways to forgive sins; firstly by justice, secondly by mercy and lastly by grace.
Afterwards, we went for breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then drove home singing and enjoying this sun shiny weather. I usually never nap, or fall asleep but I was cuddled up with Oscar and when I awoke I felt refreshed. We went to go get a frozen yoghurt then come back to clean up our pool area in our back garden.
It was so hot out that I had my straw hat on (pretending to be glamorous, but not so much) and even got a touch of sun on my pale peach self. We looked at our clock and realized it was not even 5 yet, and yet we had gotten to do so much. Hubby went and got us Carrabas flatbread for dinner, and I settled to watch one of my favorite shows...Call the Midwife.
Have you seen it? I just love the absolute innocence and being English I like hearing the accent. If you haven't seen it, you can find past shows on Netflix. Then I watched a few other shows, and barely touched technology the whole day. It was like a summer staycation.
Have a nice week!
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Lea said...

KiKi, Thanks so much for stopping by, what a delight to meet you. Your blog is so welcoming and refreshing. AND, I LOVE Call the Midwife! It is my favorite show of all time. And, I also enjoy Downton Abby and Mr. Selfridge. I watch all of them on my IPad while I walk on the treadmill. I think PBS is such a great channel.

Again, thanks for stopping by and I look forward to more visits!

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