Friday, April 25, 2014

Im In A Nature State Of Mind

Sometime over winter I was looking through my Instagram photos and started to realize all I was posting was foodie pictures. What I was preparing, what I was eating and where we were going out to eat! Oops!
Now spring has sprung and all my photos are of the beautiful nature outside my front door. This is our humble colonial, covered in greenery.
The dappled light covering us while we were dining on a terrace.
The morning light in the woodland corner of our garden.

Views of the Smoky Mountains from the balcony at The Biltmore Mansion, where we visited for Easter.
Or, the simple pleasures of flower arranging with the greenery and white wildflowers in my garden.

So what's the term for someone obsessed with the beauty of nature? Will have to think of some.

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