Friday, June 20, 2014

Trip To England Part Five: Althorp The Childhood Home of Diana, Princess Of Wales

Diana, Princess of Wales was one of the worlds most famous icons. But growing up in England she was known as the Queen of people's hearts.
I remember the day Diana died as if I were still eleven years old. It was the end of our summer holidays, and my mum allowed my sister and I to sleep in sleeping bags in the living room, watch VHS tapes (ha ha) and eat some homemade treats. She knew full well, after a busy summer day we'd be asleep before the movie even ended.
I woke up early the next morning, at around 5am to watch my favorite cartoon at the time called Madeline, and was interrupted with the news. It said that Diana had died in a car accident. So I ran into my mums bedroom, and shook her a little, then I proclaimed;
"Mum...Princess Diana is dead"
She had never, in all my childhood woken up so fast, and she responded;
"She can't be, she's my age and has two young boys."
We all gathered in the living room, huddled around the television with cups of tea, in a state of shock!
Lady Diana
In many ways Diana was a part of our life. My mum, aunt and their friends were always talking about her fashion, growing up she was always on television opening a hospital, or seen enjoying a day with her sons and lastly after she passed away.
So, months before I had decided to come to England, my sweet sister booked us tickets to visit Althorp, Diana's childhood home in Northamptonshire. Luckily, we had chosen the most glorious of days for a tour.
So this home has been held by the prominent aristocratic Spencer family for over 500 years, and has been owned by Charles Spencer (Diana's brother), 9th Earl Spencer since 1992. It was also the home of his sister, Diana, before her marriage to Charles, Prince of Wales. 


Behind me are the stables where we stopped for some tea and cake. It also housed a small exhibition which had some of the books of condolences. A tearful moment.


After a relaxing break, my Mum, sister, hubby and I meandered down a gravel pathway to the oval lake where Diana was laid to rest.

It was nice that there were benches to sit on and watch the ducks swimming around the lake. Such a simple setting for an extraordinary woman. Then we walked back up to the house and bought a few souvenirs.
It was a lovely family day out at Althorp.

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living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I really enjoyed your pictures of the homes and you have a lovely family. I still also remember hearing the news that she had died! I still miss her in a funny way. But Kate is amazing and I think Diana would have loved her!
Blessings, Roxy

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

I think we all remember this that terrible day when we heard the news of her death. Wonderful tour and great time spent with family! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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