Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Trip To England Part Two: Packwood House and Gardens

One sunny weekend in England, my Mum, sister and I did a country drive to Packwood House and Gardens.

Owned and developed over the centuries by gentlemen, farmers, and industrialists the house has enveloped lot's of exquisite details. One of it's notable residents, Baron Ash remodeled the house during the 1920's and 1930's with a keen eye on conservation.

One of the most prominent guests at Packwood House was Queen Mary in 1927. She was the grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II.

As you step down the garden path you can meander around several formal gardens.


The clipped yews are supposed to represent "The Sermon on the Mount". Twelve great yews are known as the "Apostles" and the four big specimens in the middle are 'The Evangelists'. A tight spiral path lined with box hedges climbs a hummock named "The Mount". The single yew that crowns the summit is known as "The Master". The smaller yew trees are called "The Multitude" and were planted in the 19th century to replace an orchard.

My sweet sister.

Buttercup field on a woodland walk.

The picturesque lake.

Forget me not wildflowers along the river bank.

The lake view.

These little boys made me laugh, one was looking at his map trying to find the lake and the other one said "It's over there".

This sweet little girl was watching the ducklings come out the lake.

My sister heading into the formal gardens.


Through the gate you can see the side of the house, and the sundial on the lawn.

Wisteria around the framed glass windows and my Mum.

The kitchen garden is filled with fruit trees, vegetables and flowers.

Little kids having a teddy bears tea party in the kitchen garden.

My Mum and sister in the kitchen garden.

Miniature green houses to help the seedlings grow.

It was a lovely day trip with my family.
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