Friday, June 13, 2014

Trip To England Part Four: Stoneleigh Abbey

Toward the end of my time in England, my husband arrived. On the day he arrived we spent the day meandering around Stoneleigh Abbey, it's played host to several people of note, including King Charles I, Queen Victoria, and novelist Jane Austen.
The house is comprised of two halves; the first, is a fine example of a Jacobean country house. The second, was designed by famous architect Francis Smith of Warwick in the Baroque style.
My sweet sister and my Mum.
The lake where they would row in the summers.
Beautiful English country garden.
The field next to the cricket lawn.
The Orangery, where we had a pot of tea.
Intricately carved urns.
One of my favorite flowers, lupins.
Wildflowers everywhere.
We walked around the gardens until we reached...
...this gate. Behind is an orchard.
The gate house.
The oldest part of the Abbey was once a monastery and protestant nunnery (C of E) and dates back to 1154.
Next to the oldest part to the Abbey is the manor house where Jane Austen got her inspiration for Mansfield Park.
My family has been to Stoneleigh Abbey many times growing up, mostly in the spring as it's minutes from the village I grew up in. I was so blessed to grow up with so much history, stories of notable people and my mum taught us the art of gracefulness when walking around such splendor.  
"Respect for right conduct is felt by every body."
by Jane Austen

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