Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Good Week

A few weeks ago, I wrote about finding balance. Many days, I don't accomplish much at all, and others it seems like I get bouts of energy and just keep going. Here are some of my thoughts this week:
Last week, we had an enjoyable time in Myrtle Beach, and last year we stayed on the coast for several months. We realize we've been lucky that we haven't ever been in too bad a tropical storm. When we were in Florida last year, we encountered tropical storm Irene, although that was nowhere as bad, and we just stayed indoors for a few days. I don't think it's going to be a typical 4th of July on the beach this year for many families.
I wanted to share that I now have a second Instagram page, unlike my personal one, this one is a collection of my family photos, favorite quotes and verses and inspiration images to encourage others to study their genealogy, ancestry and learn about their ancestors.

Like this family photo my of maternal Great Grandmother, Daisy who was born in 1911 in England. Pictured here with my Nana and Uncle circa 1958. My Mum remembers her very fondly as a caring and gentle soul always loving on her three grandchildren. 
Last week I was looking for a braided sweet koeksisters recipe (similar to a pignolata) just like my paternal granny used to make every summer. It is a South African syrup-coated doughnut in a braided shape, prepared by deep-frying dough in oil, then dipping the fried dough into cold sugar syrup.
I found a recipe, and then wonder if I could bake the dough and use local honey instead of syrup. My friends encouraged me to try, but after two attempts of baking, they didn't quite turn out. The orange honey, however, was delicious. So I guess I will just have to keep testing.
We have a dollar theatre not far from where we live. It's a Cinemark movie theatre and is just as nice inside as a regular priced one. Well last night we went to go see Heaven Is For Real. It was a touching movie, that recounted in a humble way without being too preachy. It focused heavily on the dad's journey for answers as he learned more about his son's near death experience. If your looking for a family friendly movie, this is a good one.

Besides working away, we've been working on a lot of our house remodel projects. Our pool is almost ready for the contractors, and hopefully we'll be swimming next week. We visited the garden nursery one night and found some flowers to plant near our pool fence.

And no chaos in our house would be complete without our pet family. Here's Sophie, enjoying her summer and the sunshine.

It seems like a more productive week when I take the time to write about it. Hope your week has been just as fun!

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