Monday, July 14, 2014

Pool and Garden Landscaping

We finished our pool this weekend, and oh is it a delight?

When we moved in to our home four months ago, it was a short sale. We got it because it was in a lovely suburb, on an established street and we were able to buy it outright from inheritance I received when my dad passed away last year.
There are some lovely things that were done to our home at onetime, that show it was loved, however, it wasn't maintained by the previous owners so we're slowly saving up money...dollar by dollar to fix this house up!
It's such a delight to look outside now and see a deep blue pool as opposed to this eyesore...
Keeping it real folks!
Now, guess who has been amazing at making this happen? My hubby. He is quite the hard worker.
He did all the prep work, like clean out the debris, rainwater (I helped with that too), pouring a vermiculite and concrete base, etc.

But we hired out the finishing touches to a local contractor. Here's how it looked when he arrived.

It's a 28' by 18' pool and all in all it took about four to five hours for him to install the liner, and then twenty-four hours for the pool to fill up. We shut of the water while we were sleeping, because we didn't want it to overflow.
Then we did a famous pose Cory's Papa once did...
Cory's Papa.

Much better now.
Slowly but surely we'll get our back garden landscaped. I've sketched out some ideas for a cottage garden, on the right side of this pool picture (we have a wooded forest on the left side), and pinned ideas onto Pinterest for a pergola lounge area by the pool, and a dining area on the patio by the sliding glass doors.  
Also, I've been taking cell phone pictures of fence ideas in our neighborhood. Isn't this pretty?

Maybe it would look nice with a picket fence in the front like another neighbors, with our mailbox in the brick column?

I'd love your ideas or suggestions. Anyways, we now get to spend our days (and sunsets) playing in the pool.
Oh, Sophie and Oscar approve! Although they wont be in this fenced area too much.
And if you sit awhile, a dragonfly might visit.
Just like the song from Annie, I think I'm gonna like it here.
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Decor To Adore said...

Oh that pool looks SO inviting!
I have wanted to visit Althorp for forever. Lucky you!

Enjoy your summer day!

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