Sunday, July 13, 2014

Trip To England Part Eight: Warwick Castle

This is the last post from my trip to England in May, and it's from my birthday. Here goes...
My hubby arrived a day or so before my birthday and unbeknownst to me, he knew that my sister had planned a surprise birthday dinner for me, on the eve of my birthday with all my old high school friends. My Mum was also there (taking the picture).
On my birthday morning I got a slice of white chocolate cake, and a merry happy birthday to you sung to me.
Later that day we went to the medieval Warwick Castle.
The Castle dates back to 1068.
The medieval castle is protected by a moat.
Here's Cory seated below King Henry VIII and Richard III.
The state dining room.
The ladies in the parlor. The dresses are so intricate, I think I'd like to be a lady who takes tea in the parlor.
We climbed to the top of the mound...
...and saw this panoramic view.
Cory with a panoramic view of Warwick behind him.
We watched a play fight with the Earl of Warwick.
This is the site where Merlin is filmed.
Beautiful Warwick Castle.
Afterwards, we went for a scrumptious dinner at The Saxon Mill and showed Cory the haunted Guy's Cliff.
Guy's Cliff.
Me, My Sister, Mum.
Me and Cory.
It was a lovely way to celebrate my birthday.

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