Saturday, April 4, 2009

What Am I Reading?

It has been awhile since I’ve blogged on one of my favorite subjects; Interior Design.
Currently I have been reading A LOT of Interior Design books. I have been fascinated with all the books on the subject and cannot resist scanning pages from the books and sorting them into my “ideas sketchbook”. It is a large sketchbook with images, fabric samples and blurbs of all my favorite stuff I’ve found over the past few years.
My first book I’d like to talk about is called ‘The Business of Bliss’ How to profit from doing what you love. Authored by the editors of Victoria Magazine.

It is so compelling and really fuels my ambition; of one day having a unique Interior Design store. There are short story examples of how these ladies went from making things for friends, to eventually setting up their own businesses, and the BEST thing they all Love what they do. Rachel Ashwell even talks of how she set up her business ‘Shabby Chic’ which now sells her products in Target stores, nationwide.

It also goes into the basics like choosing a name for your business, location and choosing staff. It’s so impressive it was even featured on Oprah.

Lastly I’d like to say the Business resources list is impressive and they outline magazines to read, associations to join, and hold a business directory of all featured within the book.
Tip: Buy it from I checked and there are two copies for as little as $0.75
Another book I’m enjoying is American Farmhouses Country Style and Design by Leah Rosch. It also has Amazing photography by Keith Scott Morton.
Kitchen Culture reinventing kitchen design by Johnny Grey. It's definitely a new perspective of how kitchens of the future could be. The book has wonderful freehand sketches, photography and floorplans. Although the floorplans are not at all what you’d expect. They have flow, function and lastly are a question of taste.
Country Living’s Stylish Renovations, Design Ideas for old and new houses. I found this book easy to read; actually it only took me a few hours as it’s captivating yet had many insiders’ advice pages. Again I chose it for its fabulous photography, which if ever you take a peek check out pages 62-63. The living room is so bright and airy, and has wonderful views of woodlands. The fireplace stones were collected from a nearby creek. Who’d have thought? Furnished with well appointed furnishings on hardwood floors, and lastly there are tips for anyone wanting to purchase an older home. On how to carry out inspections, and helpful resources.
And last but no least I have French Country at Home, by Kathy Pessero. Adorable French farmhouse photography fills almost all the pages, and she goes into depth on color, pattern and French furniture. The source directory also features Antiques and architectural elements.
Some websites featured in the books I would like to share are:
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