Monday, January 23, 2012

We live on percentages

We are by no means wealthy, yet.

When I moved into the household almost 8 months ago, I evaluated mine and my boyfriends finances. At first we had separate accounts and spent here and there, until the day I opened his unopened envelopes.

He was in some debt, but was never going to get out of it because he was borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. So, I took matters in my own hands and with a simple calender wrote everything we owed down.

Now only 3 months later we have everything finally taking off. We have money in savings and in our holiday account.

Here is a pie chart showing how we divide our money:

50% household {any household bills inc. car payment}
10% savings     {used in emergencies or for our home projects}
10% vacation   {we shop for the cheapest times to travel online and use this account well travelling}
10% food         {we withdraw the cash and keep it in a mason jar}
10% cars          {used for gas, oil changes and car repair}
10% spending  {we split this, we each only get to spend 5% of each paycheck}

If we can do it, anyone can.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Menu Monday

Today I'd like to share our menu and shopping list this week.

The List:

Frozen fruit which we use to make smoothies

Bagel Thins


Spaghetti Sauce

Chicken, whole cooked


Peanut Butter

Juice {we usually get 3 different varieties}

Minute rice

Onions {miniature}

Soup {Two different varieties, fresh not canned}

Pot Pies

Baby Potatoes

From the Asian store:

Coconut milk is usually cheaper than at the grocery store


Chopped spring onions

Canadian bacon, has a lot less fat

Bagel thins lightly buttered with Canadian bacon, spring onions and cheese

Chicken pot pies with roasted baby potatoes, peas and carrots

Chicken curry with rice

Spaghetti, meatballs and sauce with finely chopped onion and sweet peppers

Soup with a slice of lightly buttered bread {twice this week}

Chicken curry sandwiches with spring onions

Roasted sweet peppers, onions and baby potatoes with chicken

Smoothies, made with 1 yogurt, frozen fruit and ice.

Some of our meals will be using ingredients we already have. We a couple so we tend to spend little of food, yet each fresh and wholesome each and every day.

Happy Delicious New Year,

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