Saturday, May 21, 2011

My 365 Magazine Launch

On Monday, May 23rd a new online magazine called My 365 Magazine will be launching it's premier issue.

...from the publisher
As an avid blog reader, follower and design kind of girl I wanted to create a way we could all interact with one another, and yet browse other potential blogs that would inspire us. I like the new online magazines, however always craved a way to essentially take my favourite pages, or projects and interactively give feedback... with the aid of two other creative minds, Nadia our "Media Mogul" who knows so many of you and Cory a successful graphic designer and photographer who's creative director of Taste Tri-Cities, a local food magazine we created... My 365!

It's innovative, fresh, exciting and we're excited with the response so far! However we need your contribution...either as a writer, or an advertiser. Both brochures are attached, and the layout of the advertising is on a mock page of our website it's essentially the size of your button, and will link readers DIRECTLY to your page.

Any other questions, ideas, thoughts, reflections, more than welcome!

My 365 Magazine

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