Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Mother's Daughter

Growing up, my mother would walk into a room, and others would flock to her to tell their life stories. Well on Wednesday, that happened to me. I was antiquing, and despite other ladies walking on by the lady stopped me and before I knew it over an hour-and-a-half had passed by as she shared her life story and penchant for genealogy. Yes, I am my mother's daughter.

Earlier that day I had gone to get my hair cut and colored. I go about once every two to two-and-a-half months. The salon is in downtown in an older house renovated into a hair salon. Every time I walk up the steps and look around the painted porch I remind myself of the movie Steel Magnolias. Once inside, I feel relaxed as I sip on black coffee and catchup of the gossip magazines.
The following day, Thursday, I went to The City of Light the home of Inspiration Ministries, and INSP the television network where my hubby works. While there we had a Southern Barbeque dinner and fellowship with friends from his department, followed by the premier of Christmas In The Smokies in the Chapel. This was INSP's first ever original movie featuring Sarah Lancaster and Barry Corbin to name a few. Afterwards, we went for dessert and coffee which always makes for a good evening in my book.
Talking about good evenings, on the Tuesday before I realized I am my mother's Daughter, we went on a date night to one of our favorites, Maggiano's. It was very romantic with the red and white checked tablecloths, dimmed lights, and delicious helping of lasagna. Life is good.
Our weekend was a relaxed one as we had fertility appointments to attend on Friday, and on Monday. I wrote about that in my previous post, so I can keep a record of our journey along the way.
Have a good start to your week,
~Kiki Nakita ~
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Monday, November 16, 2015

Second and Third IUI

Our first attempt at an IUI was unsuccessful, so we recently underwent a second IUI. Here's a calendar of our journey so far.
May '14 Started talking about starting a family
Sep '14 Started trying to conceive (ttc)
Apr '15 went to see family doctor for annual check up, he referred us to REACH
May 11th '15 blood work and vaginal ultrasound
Jun 8th '15 HSG (good results)
Aug 8th '15 blood work and vaginal ultrasound. Hubby had his blood work and a SA done (neither of us had any genetic abnormalities)
Sep 30th '15 Consult with Dr.Wing
Oct 5th '15 blood work and vaginal ultrasound cd4
Oct 5th-9th started a cycle of Clomid (my side effects: hot flushes, hand eye co-ordination was off)
Oct 13th '15 blood work and vaginal ultrasound cd12 11mm, 14mm, 19mm follicles. Grow 1-2mm a day.
Oct 14th '15 Ovidrel trigger shot
Oct 16th '15 first IUI
Oct 31st '15 pregnancy test BFN (negative
Nov 3rd '15 blood work and vaginal ultrasound cd3
Nov 3rd-7th second cycle of Clomid
Nov 13th '15 blood work and vaginal ultrasound cd 13 18mm from LO, 18mm from RO and lot's under 10mm.
Nov 14th '15 Ovidrel Trigger Shot
Nov 16th '15 second IUI
Nov 29th '15 pregnancy test BFN.


Dec 5th '15 blood work and vaginal ultrasound cd3

Dec 5th- 9th third cycle of Clomid

Dec 15th '15 blood work and vaginal ultrasound 23mm from RO and lot's under 12mm.

Dec 15th '15 Ovidrel Trigger Shot

Dec 17th (scheduled IUI)
You can read about when this first started here.
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers,
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