Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hiking In The Uwharrie National Forest

Good morning my dears,

Here's a little recap of last week, and weekend.  


On Thursday I prepared roast chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy (in my new little jugs), herb stuffing balls, peas and roasted carrots. It was delicious.


 On Friday afternoons and evenings we go to the land. We go for a walk, cut the lawn (the front takes 2 hours on a riding lawnmower), add posts to the forest, and see what's in bloom. Here's a glimpse.

This is a weed, but a pretty one.


 On Saturday we went on a hike with one of our dogs, Kelsie Merrily, around nature trails in Morrow Mountain State Park, and Lake Tillery in the Uwharrie National Forest.

These boots are made for walking...and that's just what they'll do...đŸŽ¶

One of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

Kelsie Merrily waded and drank a lot of the lake water by the time we'd returned. She also got to put her head out of the sunroof on our Sunday drive out of the park. Perfect day for a dog.


On Sunday after church we went to Café Monte, which is an Art Deco/Parisian style café in the affluent South Park neighborhood. We shared a tomato, basil, and mozzarella pizza and had the most delectable yogurt parfaits.

 And last but not least, here's what's currently blooming in our garden.

Have a blessed week,

~Kiki Nakita ~

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Goodbye Grandma

Our family is saddened to share that my hubby's grandma passed away early this morning, a few weeks shy of her 60th wedding anniversary to grandpa.

Last year I did a post called pray for grandma, which explains her ongoing battle with PSP. She is now home with her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

~Kiki Nakita ~

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