Friday, June 28, 2013

SECOND EVER 5 on Friday

I'm linking up for my second ever 5 on Friday.
Did you see my photos from my day trip?
 We went to the Historical Edison Park District of Fort Myers.
You can here.
car snapshot taken by me.
We announced our wedding date to family and friends.
We're getting married!!!
We also have two receptions being hosted by our family and friends. One in September and another in November.
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Easier said than done right?
I pinned this quote and it has been inspirational.
My dad passed away a month ago, and doing his estate planning is stressful, and expensive...especially when you're 27!
So...I'm trying not to worry...things ALWAYS have a way of working out.
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I've been gathering color palettes on Pinterest.
Addicted, maybe!
My design blog has had a lot of people viewing Kathie Lee Gifford's home in Riverside, Connecticut.
Have a look see here.
Bobbie Thomas got married there recently, and it allowed us more glimpses inside and outside her home.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Carole Middleton

Youthful look: Carole Middleton belied her 58 years as she arrived at Wimbledon today 
Carole Middleton was at Wimbledon today. Here are some photos of her attendance.

Grandparents-to-be to the heir to the throne: The couple take their seats in the royal box

World class company: The pair sat behind double Olympic champion Mo Farah
She is best known as the mother of Catherine, known as 'Kate' who is now the Duchess of Cambridge. Here are some of their old family photos.

Carole Middleton and her daughter Catherine (now HRH The Duchess of Cambridge)
Carole Middleton in her younger years
From her website Party Pieces:
Carole Middleton founded Party Pieces in 1987 after finding it difficult to source fun, simple party products for her children’s parties. Now more than 23 years on the company is still going from strength to strength.

1. What were you doing before Party Pieces?
I was lucky enough to be a full-time Mum

2. What inspired you to set up the company?
I came up with the idea for Party Pieces when I was looking for party paraphernalia for my own children’s parties. It was impossible to find anything easily in the shops and trying to find value for money party bag presents was a complete nightmare!
3. What makes Party Pieces unique?
We are the original UK mail order party company – starting from a shed in the back garden in 1987. We have come along way since then, but we are still very much a family business; I am still actively involved and love sourcing and developing new party products.
4. What are your signature/exclusive products?
Party boxes and the party food box trays have to be our signature products. Way back in 1990 we launched our first in-house designed boxes. They were such a hit with everyone that now we try and make sure we have party boxes to go with every party theme.
5. What was your best-selling theme 10 years ago and what is it now?
Pirates has always been a favourite party theme. I think it’s because it’s such a great theme if you have both boys and girls coming to your party. But over recent years the party tableware that is always popular is the licensed character… at the moment it’s Hello Kitty for the girls and Ben 10 for the boys!!
6. How has the credit crunch affected business?
Your child’s birthday is always a very special occasion so I think everyone tries to do something to celebrate the day even if money is tight. We’ve always believed that parties do not have to be lavish and expensive occasions and have always selected wonderful traditional and inexpensive games, tableware and activities. However, over the past year we’ve included some real value-for-money offers and cost savings to make partying on a budget even easier.
7. How many people do you employ?
Around 30 people.
8. Do you have any new, exciting projects in the pipeline?
Yes… We are very excited to launch the Party Times website! We really hope it will become the party bible for every busy Mum and Dad. We are also planning later this year to add the adult party and celebration category to the site.
9. What advice can you give someone setting up his or her own business?
Mmm… it’s great fun, but not for the faint-hearted. I still work through to the early hours to hit a deadline and never take our success for granted.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bird Watching

We're young bird watchers. Ha ha.

Our dog Sophie is so excited when she sees squirrels. Here's one running away from the birds. Bless.

Here's the banyan tree. I had never seen one until I came to Florida.

Enjoying life's little things. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Edison Park Historic District. Fort Myers Day Trip

Yesterday, we went to Fort Myers for a day trip. My fiance had a meeting there, so I came along for the ride. In the spirit of the impeding celebrations for July 4th, I wore my red dress, striped shoes, and brought my over sized purse.  

We had our lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. It's right on the marina and has a casual atmosphere, with 180 degree water views. We had an excellent view of the marina and our waitress was wonderful. My fiance had the Surf 'n' Turf burger which he loved and I had the crab salad, which was also delicious.

We spent some time driving around the Edison and Ford Winter Estate area. Here is a Spanish revival style church, with it's white stucco and terracotta roof tiles.

And a home nearby:

The Senior High School:

I adored this yellow house. It was situated on a corner lot, and was the perfect yellow color with the metal roof.

Amazing detailing on the bridge.

Windscreen shot:

An idyllic yellow cottage, with lots of flowers blooming.

Hope you enjoyed my little picture tour of the historic Edison Park district. Hope you enjoy my lunch recommendation. Also would love to know if you've been, where should we visit, or eat next time?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Inspiration 6.19

It's only Wednesday?
It has felt like Friday all day today.
Here's some inspiration for today, to love.
For love builds a happy home. 
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Have you got a hobby?
This year we have travelled so much that I've had a lot of time to reflect on my hobbies. It all started when I read The Happiness Project, and although I'm not as extreme as Gretchen as to discovering 'me', I sat down and wrote a list titled 'who is Kiki?'
Ha ha
I like who I am as a person; my childhood, my values, choices, morals and I strive to do my best at all times.
Nobodies perfect though, and one of my biggest flaws is being a people pleaser.
My biggest talents are homemaking related activities, decorating, cooking, cleaning, gardening, looking after children, teaching, spending time with family and pets, entertaining etc...
But I also enjoy learning more about our world, our differences {religion, politics}, travel and reading other blogs to get inspiration and a different view of our world.
As I grow each and every year, I discover hobbies that I want to pursue, one of which is potting.
I'd like to start small and grow a container garden of fresh vegetables.  
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With health being a concern, and so much up in the air about our food these days, I'd like to grow my own.
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We mostly eat:
-red onions
-carrots for juicing
-celery for juicing
-tomatoes for sauces
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The whole homesteading, grow your own phase is really appealing to me.
Which brings me to another topic. Recycling.
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I lived in West Linn, a suburb of Portland Oregon for over three years and by golly, they are the most 'green friendly' attitudes I have personally experienced.
I'd love a neat place in my garage to recycle more, and possibly a compost heap, to downsize the amount of trash we throw out.
Any tips?
I've also always enjoyed up-cycling. Finding unloved furniture and re-furbishing it. I have done it mostly as a hobby, but because I can't keep every piece I paint, I have sold pieces here and there.
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Another new hobby is going to the beach. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest I went to the beach every now and then, but it was usually windy, chilly and you'd keep your socks on. But since we are in Florida for the summer this year, I've embraced weekly trips to sit on the beach, play in the sea, have a picnic, relax and catch up.
Life's a beach.
Ha ha
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So, I'll put on my sunscreen, and summer dresses and frolic around trying to pursue my hobbies.
Would love to hear yours. What hobbies do you have that develop your sense of self?
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