Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Baby's First Time Seeing The Ocean

Good afternoon my dears, 

We ended 2020 with a beachfront cottage staycation. It was relaxing watching the sunrise and sunset from our porch. We watched lots of Disney + and went for long walks on the beach. I made friends with an eager golden retriever who kept bringing me his tennis ball to throw for him.
Hope you enjoy these pictures of Drew seeing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. He kept sticking his tongue out to taste the salty air. His hair also got a little windblown. Seeing everything for the first time through a his eyes, really is a delight.

- Our Family -

- Sears Landing Beach Grill - 

One of our favorite restaurants on Topsail Island is Sears Landing Beach Grill. The waitresses are so friendly ~ and adored Drew. Which is something we're not used to, since we haven't really eaten out much, if at all, during the pandemic. They make the yummiest fried green tomatoes and have the freshest seafood ~ amended according to whatever the fishermen get on the daily catch. 

- Throwback -

Here we are at Sears Landing back in 2013, it's the year my Dad passed away, and it's the year we lived for a few months on Topsail Island, as newlyweds. Here's my blog post from our last visit. Can't believe all these years later that we got to visit with our son, Drew. Definitely a memorable moment for both of us.

After lunch, we took a scenic drive along the coastline, to our old home ~ a duplex, overlooking the marsh on the north side of Topsail beach. Its where we lived during our first Christmas as a married couple. Its always fun to reminisce.

We walked along the beach everyday ~ both in the mid-morning while other dogs were getting their walks, and in the evening, right before the sunset as the sky turns a tranquil shade ~ like cotton candy.

- Our Vacation Family Home Movie - 

Sending you all our best wishes for a happy and healthy 2021

Kiki Nakita 

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Baby's First Christmas

Good afternoon my dears, 

We are nestled into the new year, and yet I still have our Christmas post in draft. It is hard to write the emotions we felt; happiness, joy, contentment. It was a Christmas dream ~ one that we've prayed about for almost five years, to have a baby, to become a family of three.  

We started our Christmas preparations early, to allow a moments of grace, and the ability to be present and in the moment. Despite the pandemic, we were still able to do some of our favorite family traditions and stay in touch with family and friends virtually. Here are a few highlights of our Baby's First Christmas. 

- Our 2020 Christmas Card - 

Our miracle baby boy, Drew, was the ⭐of our Christmas card. 
Drew's reaction to seeing Santa Claus aka Daddy, for the first time. 

Video chatting with family, who got to see Drew opening presents for the first time.

- Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Family Home Movie - 

Best wishes, 

Kiki Nakita 

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