Thursday, May 31, 2012

Based On A True Story

Written by my fiance Cory.
Born in Rock Springs, Wyoming where I spent the first five years of my life living in Reliance. I attended Reliance Elementary before moving to Elko, Nevada.

In Elko, my dad worked at Newmont Gold Company while my mom eventually started working in massage therapy. Vacations were to Eugene to visit Grandee and Papa, and the coast. In Elko I attended Spring Creek Elementary.


When I was ten, I went to Norfolk, Virginia with my parents and my brother to attend my uncle Mike's wedding.

We went to Disney Land, when I was fourteen or fifteen. 
I went to Spring Creek high school when I was thirteen. I participated in track and field. Later, when I was sixteen I got a job at Kory's marketplace as a courtesy clerk. Before being promoted to the video department.
In my senior year, I got a job at the Elko Daily Free Press. For the year after I graduated I went to GBC Great Basin College. That same year we went on a vacation to Hawaii with family from my mom's side.

At twenty my parents and I moved to Tri-Cities, Washington where I attended Columbia Basin College where I got my associates and then Washington State University where I got my bachelors.
I had jobs at The Digital Image, Kiona Publishing, PS Media before going off on my own.
At twenty-six, I bought my first home and started several businesses and went on another family trip to Hawaii with family from my mom's side. That year I also got Mono.
I met Kiki, when I was twenty-nine and we were engaged twenty months after our first date. We have travelled to Las Vegas twice, stayed at The Davenport and visited Boston.
To be continued...
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