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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Duggars family home

Have you ever watched an episode of TLCs 18 kids and counting? The first time I ever tuned in a season or two ago they had 17 children and I watched in awe. Firstly this family has a strong spiritual leader as a father. He treats Michelle with respect and in turn she is always soft spoken, eloquent and rarely gets aggravated.

So how do they look after 19 children? Well their eldest children help out the younger ones in a ‘buddy’ system. It has really taught the elder daughters in particular responsibility and the ability to share. To keep their home tidy, Michelle says they have ‘quick cleans’ several times throughout the day.

So how does this large family live? They have a large home in Little Rock, Arkansas. The pictures below are from the Duggars family photos album on their website;

The sisters all share a bedroom, here we have Jana, Jinger, Johanna, Jessa, Joyanna, Jill and Jennifer.
The boys playing in their front yard

The family has a large game room, each has their own individual lockers

A perspective view of the Duggars home

A view of the great room and their 'show' kitchen. The family actually uses a commercial kitchen to cook for their brood.
A view from the other side of the great room, you can see the dining room to the left
Michelle in her 'show' kitchen. The door near the fridge leads you to the Duggars commercial style kitchen.
You can see the stairway leads you to a large walkway overhead

The boys room, decorated in a patriotic theme
The girls room, notice their harp? All the Duggars from the age of four are taught music, and they perform at churches in a family band
The master bedroom, which is surprisingly small for such a large home

Jim Bob walking across the walkway. You can see downstairs into the great room
Jinger in the family's wardrobe. The family keeps all their clothes off of the laundry room and in the mornings they come select their clothes for the day.
If you would like to see more photos out of the Duggar family album visit their website;

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An ideal day

An ideal day for me would start with sleeping in, then sitting to a beautifully laid out breakfast, sipping warm tea while watching the likes on Kathie Lee and Hoda on the today show. Sometimes when I don’t have classes I also enjoy long conversations with my mom over Skype.

Then taking a long relaxing shower and getting ready for a walk if the weather is nice, or Pilates if the weather is not as good. Also I then make sure my apartment is nice and tidy, except for my office table which has un surmountable paperwork.

Then I prepare myself for my days three goals to achieve. Usually I try and write my three goals for the next day the night before. It is an achievable number, too little and I’ll feel un accomplished and too many feels overwhelming.

On days I’m in class or at school I try and stay later, if needed to fulfill my daily goals. On days I’m not in school I am usually working, so I prepare myself to leave early and arrive on time.
By the end of a day I enjoy having dinner, winding down to the likes of Little People Big World, Dateline MSNBC, Meet the Kardashians, 18 Kids and counting and countless others as well as catching up with friends alike online.

In my spare time, what little of it I do have I enjoy reading all my subscriptions, having some much liked beauty time and either having friends around or going for lunch to catch up with friends.

What is your perfect day?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Price reduced on Country Living chair

Wow! Anyone want to buy me an early birthday present, look no further. I originally saw this chair in the February issue of Country Living, on page 14 and it was priced at $129.99 but recently the price was reduced to only $99.99 at local Kmart stores. It was part of their monthly cover look and I think it would be ideal in both the living room as an accent seat as well as a bedroom dressing chair.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Week!

Wow, what a week. I have now been back in town for over a week and I already feel exhausted. My trip back was so long, including an overnight layover in Schipol, Amsterdam for New Years Eve.

Above, me on Thursday night at the Student Gallery and Awards evening

This week I have been getting back into the swing of things, although by the end of the week I was suffering sinus/flu like symptoms and found classes exhausting me out. So much so I spent this past Saturday, recuperating at home, watching the likes of Lifetime television.

Fabulous I know! Today I decided cleaning up and errands were in order, at my own dilly-dally pace, I quickly tidied up my humble abode then headed off to Rite Aid. An expensive shop it became, almost $40! I was taken aback by brown/black tights and the reduced prices in toiletries made me stock up!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Over the years I have made resolutions, some stuck, others didn’t. In 2004 I decided to write down in a diary everything that I spent for the year, and I did! At the end of the year I found out, exactly how much I cost.

This year, my resolution is confidence, on the inside and outside, as I believe confidence leads to better prospects in careers, friendships and relationships. Although I may at times appear confident to the outside world, inside I’m crying. I’ve become good at hiding my inner emotions, and I resolve to sift through those emotions so I can have a better self confidence.

Each week I aim to focus on one new area according to the book Angel Healing, it is a concept that could enrich my life. It is an alternative therapy that involves communication with angels. I know it may seem a hoax, but why not give it a try? I bought this book several years ago at a yard sale for a whole 20 cents, and it’s been laying in my closet. This Christmas break, while I was in Europe I needed a few light books to read and I pulled out my favorite first The Sweet Life by William Sinunu and then that good ole bargain book from the yard sale. As I read each page, I realized I could enrich my life, and be more confident by not only confiding in my mother, but also my guardian angel.
We’ll see.

Painting Serenity Garden by, Edward Tadiello
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