Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Cory's 38th Birthday in Richmond, VA & Colonial Williamsburg, VA

Good afternoon my dears,

We recently celebrated Cory's 38th birthday in Richmond, Virginia and Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. While there we stayed at Virginia Crossings, the same hotel we stayed at during our 2016 trip to visit with my college friend, Rachel, whose husband was training for the National Guard. 

Afternoon Tea at The Jefferson Hotel

Richmond as a city is a little bit tired compared to other southern cities such as Charlotte, Raleigh, or Charleston. However, one of their historic gems is The Jefferson Hotel, which dates back to 1895. We had made reservations for an afternoon tea, and it didn't disappoint. 

Cory standing with the statue of Thomas Jefferson.

Edgar Allen Poe Museum

Edgar Allen Poe was a colorful character. He led an interesting life marred by many losses and mental health disorders. We toured the Poe Museum, which is housed in one of the oldest houses in Richmond, Virginia. 

Colonial Williamsburg

On Cory's birthday we made the short drive to Colonial Williamsburg. We took a tour of the Governor's Palace and afterwards spent several hours trying to find something - anything to eat. A lot of the restaurants are closed on Mondays, or until 5pm, so we kept being told there'd be over an hour wait. We eventually found a restaurant, but they ended up not having the ingredients needed for my fish lunch, so we ended up waiting over an hour anyways. Long story short, I'd highly recommend bringing a picnic and eating on the lawn overlooking Governor's Palace.  

My favorite part of the day was when the light started dappling.

Wilton House 

On our way home from Richmond, Virginia we had a delightful tour of the Wilton House, built circa 1753, by William Randolph III. It was here they hosted social and political figures, including George Washington. 


Our home video from Cory's 38th birthday weekend.

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