Sunday, July 4, 2010

Charles and Camilla

Last week in The Daily Mail there was an article on Prince Charles and his wife Camilla. Charles, of course is the heir to the British throne and is father to Prince William and Harry.
Have you ever dreamed of being a royal? Well I have, but my dreams were never as lavish as these numbers show. Between Charles and Camilla there's 25 personal staff, yes that's for 2 people. They include butlers, dressers, chefs and valets.
In total his total income is 18,825,000 GBP around $27,296,250. The same amount roughly as Princess Diana received in her 1996 divorce settlement. I'm pleased to see he donated over 78,000 GBP but that's less than what he spent on his gardens that year.
So, I ask what would you do if you were a Prince, or Princess? What would you spend your money on?
Also...Camilla has been retreating to her private home as of late to spend time with her grandchildren, she's so fond of having 'time off' as a wife and consort and now her daughter's moved into her home (she just had twins) and she wants to be there as much time as permitted.

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