Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Latta Plantation and Labor Day Weekend

We had a lovely, relaxing Labor Day Weekend full of day trips, time together and house projects. Let me recap our weekend for you.
Firstly, on Saturday we took a trip to the Historic Latta Plantation from the Revolutionary War era. We were getting a perspective of my hubby's 7th times great grandfather, James Wright.
James was born in Snow Camp, Orange County, North Carolina according to records from Cane Creek Meeting House on May 28th, 1753. He was disowned for an un-known reason when marrying his Quaker wife Sarah, on August 27th, 1774 at the Bush River Meeting House in Newberry, South Carolina. He followed the faith and at twenty-two when the Revolutionary War started he moved to the back woods of Tennessee to avoid the war. He was accepted back into the Quaker faith as a member of the New Hope Meeting House in Greene County, Tennessee. With his wife Sarah, James had four sons and seven daughters. He later moved with his family to Martinsville, Clinton County, Ohio in 1808 where they were members of the Center Meeting House where he finished his days.
We learnt a lot about that period in time.

Afterwards, we went and rented a power washer from Lowes, and decided to spend Sunday relaxing around the house and spraying off dusty cobwebs, even though they would be authentic if we'd left them up for Halloween.
On Monday we celebrated the fourth anniversary of when we met at a Labor Day Picnic (although it was on the 9th). We have a tradition of getting BBQ food and eating it in the park. Unfortunately, we drove past our local BBQ restaurant and it was closed, so we ended up getting Thai from another favorite restaurant downtown.
I'm really getting into the Fall and Christmassy mood this year, and have been pinning lot's of ideas onto my Pinterest boards. And who better to help me prepare for Fall than the lovely Susan Branch. She has reprinted her book Autumn. Luckily I already have an older copy to cozy up to. 
Gladys Taber quote illustrated by Susan Branch
Painted by the lovely Susan Branch
Have a lovely week.

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