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Tunis Hood 5 x Great Grandfather of Elvis Presley

On a sunny day we ventured to the nearby town of Mint Hill, North Carolina. We first stopped by the Mint Hill Historical Society where were three different boy scout troupes working on preserving the Carl J. McEwen Historical Village.

The village will open to the public in the springtime. Afterwards, we went to Daphne's bakery next door. While there we perused the brochures we'd picked up from the historical village. It said Elvis Presley's 5 x great grandfather was buried only half a mile away, in an old cemetery. So off we went to find it.

The memorial grave of Tunis Hood, erected in 1989 at the Rocky Spring Meeting House Burial Ground, first site of the Philadelphia Presbyterian Church cemetery.

Elvis Presley's Genealogy
to his 29th Great Grandfather William the Conqueror, King of England.

William the Conqueror King of England
Henry I King of England
Empress Matilda of England m. Geoffry V Plantagenet Count of Anjou
Henry II King of England
John King of England
Richard 1st Earl of Cornwall,
Richard de Cornwall
Joan de Cornwall m. John Howard
John Howard
Robert Howard
John Howard
Margaret Howard m. Constantine
Robert Clifton
Margery Clifton m. John Hastings Wyndham
Isabell Wyndham m. Simon Wyseman
John Wyseman
Margery Wyseman m. Edmund Beaupre
Annie Beaupre m. Nicholas Wright
Nicholas Wright
Nicholas Wright
Peter Wright
Gideon Wright
Elizabeth Wright m. Isaiah Harrison
John Harrison
Elizabeth Harrison m. Tunis Hood
John Hood
William Hood
Joshua Hood
William Hood
Minnie Mae Hood m. Jesse D. McClowell Presley
Vernon Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley b. January 8, 1935 d. August 16, 1977

Tunis Hood

Tunis Hood was one of Mecklenburg County's most prominent citizens.  He was county commissioner for ten years, and third largest plantation owner, owning 2,000 acres of land along the McAlpine Creek. He provided supplies for the patriots during the American Revolution. He was a Dutch farmer, born in New York, and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. 

Tunis followed his sons to Mecklenburg County, NC, in 1775 where he died in 1797. A sixth cousin of Elvis, and great, great granddaughter of Tunis Hood, Rustee Lane, President of the Mint Hill NC Elvis Fan Club, took the last full measure of honoring our history and heritage by insuring that Tunis Hood, progenitor of the Hood clan, received  a special plaque and dedication, attended by many of his descendants still living in Mint Hill, North Carolina. This was the Hood family tribute to Tunis, whose burial place in an unkempt 200-year  old cemetery was marked only by a fieldstone with the initials  “T.H.”  etched on it.

The Hood family became associated with the Harrison family through Tunis Hood's marriage to Elizabeth Harrison, daughter of Samuel  Harrison and Abigail Smith. The Harrison line gave us three Presidents:  Benjamin Harrison, William Henry Harrison, who died while only one month in office, and Abraham Lincoln, a great grandson of Isaiah Harrison. source

Sometimes, on a sunny day it's good to get out, and see where the day will take you. Today, was one of those days, and look where it led us, to Elvis Presley's 5 x great grandfather's grave. What ventures have you done lately, that have led to a discovery?

Kiki Nakita

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Roberta said...

Tunis is my late husband's 1C8R through Tunis's mother's line

Cathy said...

This is all fascinating to read...I research the Dr Andrew Hood line from Wincester KY. A portrait of him hangs in a Library there as one of the founders. Im from Oklahoma and of the Tunis line too!

I love your photos!
Thank you.

David said...

According to Find A Grave Memorial #17347979 of Joshua Harrison Hood by Bertha Avery-Hood, William Hood and Cecelia Quinn are not his parents. The bio speculates that it may have been a James Hood and Margaret Somerville. This was written by a Cissy.

Schalene Jennings Dagutis said...

Very cool field trip!

Janice Webster Brown said...

Loving ALL the photographs not just Tunis Hood's tombstone. Your story mentions that the original marker was a fieldstone with T.H. etched in it. Is that stone still there?

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Loved seeing and learning about this. Hubby and I are headed to NC the end of March. He will fly home after a week and then I am going to Charleston to the Home and Garden festival with my sil. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Love all the photos!! Love the cupcakes too:))


Decor To Adore said...

This post was right up my alley! I adore history, old graveyards and charming little stores. It has it all.

I would love for you to link up this post on the inaugural edition of Thoughts of Home on Thursday. I think readers would really enjoy it. There is also a giveaway associated with it. Every link is entered into the drawing. Hope to see you there!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mark Hood said...

Tunis was my 6th great grandfather! Never knew I was a distant cousin to Elvis though! Very cool.
Mark S. Hood

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