Friday, July 1, 2016

The Infamous Popped Skirt

To tell the story we need to go back to...


Back in 1987, just before my first birthday my Mum brought me to England for my Christening. While there, my Aunty Nan (my Grandpa's sister) invited us to her daughter Gaynor's home for an afternoon.

Aunty Nan is the one in the blue hat.
While there, I tumbled down some stairs, and as my Mum reached out to safely grab me, the buttons on her skirt popped one, by one. Luckily, I survived the fate of Summerfold house.

Me at Summerfold House.
Me with one of their sons.
My Mum's infamous popped skirt

Summerfold House

The house was built at the turn of the century and was formerly owned by the Duke of Sutherland and it is known to have been often visited by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. During their courtship the Duke and Duchess of Windsor stayed in this house.  A ditch was dug and police patrolled to keep away the curious. The house was  derelict after the war, but was restored by my Aunty Nan's son-in-law, Michael during the mid/late1980's. [Source]

The patio at the back of the house where the pictures of me playing are taken
So that my dears, is the infamous story of how my Mum saved me from tumbling, and popped her skirt at Summerfold House.

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