Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Pinehurst, NC With Mum

Good afternoon my dears,

We recently had an overseas visit from my Mum. On her first day here we went to brunch and then home décor shopping (on a quest to find a deviled egg dish). Then, the following day we went on a day-trip to the charming and idyllic village of Pinehurst, NC which I wanted to share with you today. 

Pinehurst, NC is about an hour-and-a-half drive from our home and is where we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. We thoroughly enjoyed spending the day here for our anniversary that we put it on our calendar to come and visit every year. My favorite times to visit (if your not a golf player or golf watcher) is during the spring, when all the flowers are blooming, or in the fall, when the leaves are colorful and crunchy. Also highly recommend high tea at Lady Bedford's Tea Room, although call and reserve in advance, as its a popular place for locals to celebrate. 

- Video -
Grab yourselves a cup of tea and enjoy scenes of our day-trip to Pinehurst, NC with my Mum

Thank you for stopping by. 

-Kiki Nakita-

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Thelma said...

Nice visit. I enjoyed the video. Your Mom is a young lady.

Carla from The River said...

Hi, how fun. Your mom is a young lady. :-) How often does she visit you here in America?
By the way, I think you are beautiful. I like your style.
xx oo

Lea said...

What a lovely way to spend time with your Mum. Pinehurst may need to be our my bucket list.
Enjoy the rest of your time with your Mum.

Sherry said...

I love the sandhills area! My husband's family lives there so that is where we stay when we visit. It is such a unique and beautiful natural landscape so it grows vastly different specimens of plants and trees than the rest of NC and most of the world. One example is the long leaf pine which I love. I love driving through the country and seeing acres of long leaf pine stands growing tall and straight. They grow best without a lot of other ground foliage around them so the stands are usually kept clean. They are also very drought and fire resistant and grow best in sandy soil. Just something cool to look for in the area. ��

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