Friday, June 7, 2013

FIRST EVER 5 on Friday

Today, I'm linking up with Carolina Charm's 5 on Friday.
This past week or so I have been travelling a lot.
From Coker Creek Tennessee,
to Virginia Beach Virginia,
to Kennewick Washington,
to Port Charlotte Florida.
So lot's of airports.
And if you have a bunch of interconnecting flights, it's easy to forget you haven't eaten in hours...
I'm almost finished reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.
Gretchen, spends a year making changes to her life to try attain more happiness. Her style is easy to read, and ideas and thoughts on many subjects are similar to my own.
My fiance and I experienced our first ever tropical storm in ::Florida::
Was I nervous with the 3am HGTV interruption BEEP on the TV?
Nope, not me (eeek!).
I definitely didn't freak out and ask my fiance to Google the storm path to see if we needed to evacuate.
Courtesty of NBC News
Am loving that our home in Florida overlooks a canal.

I think Oscar does, too.
Last but not least, I've been doing memorial arrangements for my dad who passed away on May 21st. Thats three grandparents, and one parent all passed within the last four years.
And going through the struggles my dad had with pancreatic cancer, I've learnt so much more about life.
That we need to live, experience and have joy in each and every day.
So these photos are a tribute to my dad.
Hope you all had a wonderful week.

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A Wedding Story said...

I'm truly so, so sorry to hear about your father. Praying for you tonight!

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