Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Well hello November!

Well hello November! I haven't blogged in awhile because I've been busy spending time with my family. My sister came to town for two weeks, her first time in our new home, and we celebrated her birthday, Halloween and a new investment.

Here's a recap, so I can remember all the things we did and all the places we went.

Sunday the 26th
Welcome to...
America the Beautiful
Susan Branch

My sister arrived as the night was beginning to fall. We took her for some down home country cooking; Cracker Barrel for a welcome dinner and to talk about her flight.

We came home to sing happy birthday, blow out candles and open gifts.

Monday the 27th
After the jet lag wore off  just a little we got to go to a favorite Mexican restaurant of ours, Casa Rita's (with a coupon) and we shared two plates between the three of us.

Then we went over to Cinemark, for a dollar movie and saw Maleficent.
Have you seen the movie?
I'm not usually into mythical/unrealistic movies, but I was really captivated throughout this one. I thought the evil godmother, played by Angelina Jolie was both spiteful and enduring. She saved the child she cursed, and the child eventually changes the course of the whole kingdom.
It is worth the watch if you haven't seen it yet! 

Tuesday the 28th
We had a morning meeting, we had to do a final walkthrough of a condo we've been working really hard to buy together. We each now own our homes outright, and are co-owners of a lakeside condo.

Susan Branch

Afterwards, we went to the Southpark Mall and browsed the stores then went for a delicious lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. I felt bad eating out without hubby, so I ordered his favorite; spaghetti and meatballs to go, and he was pretty happy about that!

How cute is this dolls house?

Wednesday the 29th
Another early morning. Two days in a row of getting up at 5:30am. This morning though, my sister and I went back home for supplies to pick up a dead cat, we affectionately named nutmeg. Nutmeg had been run over and was lying on the side of the road. We brought him home, and that night, my hubby built a coffin. He did a wonderful job, and wrapped nutmeg in one of our cats blankies.
Poor thing!

 That day we were invited to hubby's ministries tailgaiting party. It was a good time of fellowship.

Barbara Cerullo was challenged.

We had to support a football team so hubby wore his Carolina Panthers shirt, and I routed for the Florida Gators.

 Afterwards we went over to Highway 55, a 50's style diner for milkshakes, yum!

Not far from the diner was the pumpkin patch. We headed there and there wasn't much selection. We left it a little late in the season, oops!

Susan Branch

I picked an imperfect one, that I felt sorry for and named it s-m-a-s-h.
Thursday the 30th
We all had the day off and went to sign at the lawyers for the condo. Afterwards, we went for coffee before an introductory meeting with our rental company. Then a celebratory lunch at our favorite local Thai restaurant.
Then we rolled up our sleeves and cleaned the condo thoroughly. My sister cleaned up the balcony and kitchen, hubby was Mr. fix it and I did the bathrooms, vacuuming and took the listing pictures.

The one on the second floor.

 We came home and carved our pumpkins. Soph and Oscar wanted to be in on it too! 
If you do it with heart
Susan Branch

Friday the 31st

Halloween was fun this year. We watched a lot of scary movies, and I'm still catching up with all the sequels. We dressed up as saints and sinners and I helped my sister put on a slew of tattoos.

Then we came inside to eat homemade Taco salad, yum!

Saturday the 1st
We started the day with breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Remember all the tattoos? Obviously this was a good time to video chat with our Mum. Ha ha! Bless her heart, she was a good sport.

Then we had another meeting with our rental company, before heading out to dinner at Macaroni Grill. We hadn't been there since our anniversary.

September Eleventh . . .
Susan Branch

 Sunday the 2nd
Ikea, for a shopping trip to get more kitchen cabinets. We found out that they are discontinuing our style in February, so luckily we have almost finished and have everything. Oh and free coffee with our family card.
Monday 3rd
We were so tired, so we didn't do much besides dinner at Showmars. We looked through old family photos and watched a few family home videos.
Tuesday 4th
Still tired, so we spent the day relaxing and I made homemade spinach lasagna. I got a nice compliment from hubby, he said that he preferred my lasagna over the one he had at dinner the other night!
Wednesday the 5th
Nobody can come to the South without a little Southern food, so today we went to Cajun Yard Dog, a down home Louisiana style restaurant and I had my favorite; shrimp and grits. We shared some bread pudding, then w a d d l e e d down to Barnes and Noble to browse the books.
Hubby found a book about your star signs, and read all our birthdates, they were so true, we laughed SO hard!
Susan Branch
Thursday the 6th
After all the excitement the day before, we just went to Cantina 1511 for dinner tonight. It was much spicier than the first time we tried the restaurant but we got to walk around and see the surrounding shops lit up with twinkly white lights.
Friday the 7th
We spent a lot of time outside, and played with the dogs. Soph and Oscar have become buddies with the dog next door. It's been fun watching then run up and down at the same time on opposite sides of the fence. Buster was a stinker and ran under the bushes, luckily I got him out. My sister started packing and we went to Cracker Barrel for a last dinner.
September Eleventh . . .
Susan Branch

He's quite the charmer, isn't he? He rolled around in the crushed leaves.
Saturday the 8th
On my sister's last day here we called our Mum, then we went for brunch at Bravo! Afterwards we did a little shopping. We came home so she could finish packing and say goodbye to all our pets. They were sad to see her go, especially her roomie Boo, but Sophie was pleased to get her spot on the chair back.

And off she went from the Queen City back home...
Jane Austin
Susan Branch

 ...thanks for visiting and spending time with us.  

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